Stakeholder Dialogue with external specialists (Apr. 2012)

In April 2012, a discussion was held between experts involved in the formulation of ISO 26000 and members of Toshiba's CSR Implementation Office under the theme of the “essence of stakeholder engagement.” The objective was to evaluate the way Toshiba implemented stakeholder dialogues and engagement and examine how it should do so in the future.

Date April 10 2012
Place Toshiba Headquarters
Theme Essence of stakeholder engagement

Identifying the key stakeholders

Toshiba Group has hosted stake holder dialogues to receive feedbacks and insights and incorporate them into its' CSR management. It is essential to have a discussion with members outside its organizations to have an open mind.

The important process is selecting the key stakeholders. The key stakeholders can be identified by creating a correlation map with stakeholders as well as analyzing the influence Toshiba is making to society in each business sectors.

Identifying major issues

Placing “supply chain management” and “community involvement” as the important theme for CSR is in line with the requirements from the society therefore considered an appropriate choice. For multinational companies, it is important to enhance management in the overseas supply chain as well as contributing to local communities. Toshiba is expected to continue holding dialogues with stakeholders and gather views on Toshiba's activities in order to make necessary improvements.

Future initiatives

Firstly, Toshiba should review its due diligence process within its organizations. It is ideal to incorporate stakeholder dialogue and stakeholder engagement in the due diligence process. In addition, implementing due diligence process in the development of action plans is requested.

Opinions of participants

Photo of Kenichi Kumagai Japan Association for Advancement of ILO ActivitiesIn order to implement ISO 26000, which was developed as a result of consensus of diverse stakeholders, I recommend that Toshiba, together with its stakeholders, monitor, analyze, and verify the effects of its business activities on society and the actions it takes toward society. It is important for multinational corporations to manage their suppliers in overseas markets and contribute to the communities where they operate, and I hope that Toshiba will pay further attention to this point.

Kenichi Kumagai
Japan Association for Advancement of ILO Activities

Photo of Sachiko Kishimoto Co-Director, CSR Review Forum-Japan Executive Director, Center of Public Resources DevelopmentStakeholders should also be involved in the policy-making process when Toshiba determines its policy for supply chain initiatives and community involvement, two of the major issues indentified for FY2012. I hope that Toshiba will not only eliminate the negative effects of its business activities but also contribute actively to the development of local communities.

Sachiko Kishimoto
Co-Director, CSR Review Forum-Japan
Executive Director, Center of Public Resources Development

Photo of Kaori Kuroda Executive Director, CSO Network JapanIn community involvement and development, it is important to hold dialogues with members of the local community properly, identify issues to be addressed, and solve them. Furthermore, I hope that Toshiba will always keep in mind that socially vulnerable people are also important stakeholders.

Kaori Kuroda
Executive Director, CSO Network Japan

Photo of Tomohiko Yamaguchi Co-Director, CSR Review Forum-JapanWe held a dialogue with Toshiba on the topic of “what is stakeholder engagement.” For a company and its stakeholders to be able to engage in open and frank discussions, both parties need to have the willingness and desire to do so. I realized that Toshiba was committed to advance to the next stage of CSR management through stakeholder engagement.

Tomohiko Yamaguchi
Co-Director, CSR Review Forum-Japan

After the discussion

Toshiba, as a company aiming for a global company, reconfirmed through our dialogue with the experts that “supply chain management” and “ community involvement” are the most important themes for CSR management. We will work to improve CSR management by deepening the engagement of each stakeholder in decisions on active policy, establishment of KPIs, and development of action plans.

Makoto Shirai
Then General Manager of the CSR Implementation Office
Toshiba Corporation