Main Contents of ESG Performance

Toshiba Group tackles issues related to the environment, social aspects of corporate activities (human rights, personnel training, promotion of diversity, occupational health and safety, CSR Management in the Supply Chain, quality control, customer satisfaction, social contribution activities, etc.) and governance (corporate governance, risk compliance, etc.), setting medium- to long-term vision and implementing initiatives to improve performance.

  Items Main contents
Environment Environment Addressing climate change and energy issues, minimizing energy consumption, minimizing water consumption, and minimizing chemical-related risks
Social Human Rights Policy on human rights, identifying human rights risks, monitoring and education
Labor-management Relations Relationship with labor unions, and labor-management dialogue
Fair Evaluation and Talent Development Fair evaluations, talent development, and employee morale surveys
Promotion of Diversity Diversity strategies (women, non-Japanese nationals, disabled persons and seniors), and promotion of work-style innovation
Occupational Health and Safety Occupational health and safety management systems, occupational accidents, health management, and supply chain safety management
CSR Management in the Supply Chain Full implementation of procurement policy, CSR promotion support to suppliers, use of conflict-free minerals, "greenness" of suppliers and procurement, and decreasing supply chain CO2 emissions
Quality Control Quality promotion structure, ensuring product quality, management system to ensure quality, and disclosing quality information
Product Safety and Product Security Policy, Response to product safety accidents, prevention of accident reoccurrence, responding to incidents involving products used for long periods of time, and disclosure of product safety/quality information
Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction Policy, Enhancing customer support, customer satisfaction surveys, sharing and utilizing customer feedback, protecting customer information, and providing customers with business continuity support
Universal Design Promotion of universal design
Coexistence with Local Communities Activities to coexist with local communities
Ensuring the safety of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Verious efforts to support in maintaining the stability of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and advancing its discommissioning
Social Contribution Activities Basic policy on social contribution activities, expenditures for corporate citizenship activities, and simultaneous social contribution activities
Governance Corporate Governance Governance Overview, Directors and Executives, Compensation, Takeover Governance Defense Measures
Risk Management and Compliance A whistle-blower system, Antitrust Act compliance and anti-corruption, fair trading, export control, information security management, appropriate product labeling and PR, and BCP
Research & Development and Intellectual Property R&D strategy, R&D expenditure, cooperation with parties external to the company, intellectual property and anti-counterfeit measures