Social Contribution Activities

To realize a sustainable society, Toshiba Group actively promotes social contribution activities as well as business activities, thereby contributing to solving various societal issues.

Medium- to Long-term Vision

Our aim is that every Toshiba Group operational site, and each and every employee working there, will take the initiative in contributing to society.

FY 2017 Achievement

Number of social contribution programs
Achievement 1,815 programs

Future Challenges and Approaches

We will continue to provide more information and to make opportunities to our employees, so that many of them can get involved in activities voluntarily that contribute to society.

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Toshiba Group Basic Policy on Social Contribution Activities

Toshiba Group has set the basic policy on social contribution activities which is embodied Toshiba Group's Basic Commitment of "Committed to People, Committed to the future."

The five key areas of activities stated in the Toshiba Group Basic Policy on Social Contribution Activities are all related to social issues that Toshiba Group regards as important.

Toshiba Group will contribute to solving societal issues and creating a sustainable society through business activities as well as social contribution activities by using knowledge and resources acquired through business.

In these endeavors, we keep track of the results and impact on business through regular dialogues with stakeholders including NPOs and NGOs, and reevaluate and decide on our course of action accordingly.

Toshiba Group Basic Policy on Social Contribution Activities

  1. In accordance with the Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group and Standards of Conduct for Toshiba Group, we make vigorous efforts to contribute to society.
  2. In contribution to society, we focus on the following fields: protection of the natural environment, science and technology education, promotion of sports and culture, social welfare, and international exchange and friendship.
  3. We support employees' voluntary activities.

Positioning of Social Contribution Activities in Toshiba Group

Positioning of Social Contribution Activities in Toshiba Group

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Structure of Toshiba Group's Social Contribution Activities

In the Toshiba group, the General Affairs Office carries out social contribution activities in cooperation with Corporate Staff Departments, Key Group Companies, etc. based on the basic policy.

With regard to donations to disaster relief and to NPOs and NGOs, we assess the legality and appropriateness of such donations before doing so, based on our in-house regulations.

Structure of Toshiba Group's Social Contribution Activities

Structure of Toshiba Group's Social Contribution Activities

Supporting Social Contribution Activities by Employees

Toshiba maintains a system to support social contribution activities by employees. For example, employees are able to take long-term leave by accumulating annual leave for the purpose of participating in volunteer activities. Toshiba also has a system for donating a maximum of 100,000 yen or reused PCs to NPOs and other organizations that employees belong to.

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Social Contribution Activities: Total Expenditure and its Constituent Parts

Total expenditure and its constituent parts (FY2017)

Total expenditure and its constituent parts (FY2016)

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Social Contribution Award: Toshiba "ASHITA" Award

In order to invigorate our social contribution activities, Toshiba Group has been evaluating and giving awards to domestic and overseas activities since FY2005. Every year we evaluate the previous fiscal year's activities from nine perspectives?goals, the extent of employee involvement, originality, continuity, social impact, collaboration with external organizations, and so on?and chairman's awards those activities that have achieved excellent results.
In FY2017, 1,220 programs were carried out throughout the year, and four programs were awarded.

  • Japan Semiconductor Corporation Oita Operations : Eco Study Session
  • Toshiba Memory Corporation Yokkaichi Operations : Teaching children about the environment in collaboration with local government organizations
  • Hangzhou Toshiba Group companies : Physically Disabled People's Artwork Exhibition and Spot Sale
  • Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation Mr. Kenichiro Fujino : Tokyo Fire Department Emergency Support Volunteer

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Toshiba Group Simultaneous Social Contribution Activities

Toshiba Group has held the Toshiba Group Simultaneous Social Contribution Activities since FY2014 around December 5, the International Volunteer Day set by the United Nations. The aim of this initiative was to make a significant social contribution that cannot be achieved by individuals, through the simultaneous participation of all Toshiba Group employees. In FY2017, about 60,000 employees joined 345 activities in Japan, and about 20,000 employees participated in 96 activities in 18 overseas countries. Especially, to achieve "No Poverty" and "Zero Hunger," two of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we held food drives as universal common priority programs.

Food drive at Toshiba International Procurement Hong Kong,Ltd.
Food drive at Toshiba International Procurement
Hong Kong,Ltd.

Motivational speech in South Africa
Motivational speech in South Africa

Toshiba Group Simultaneous Social Contribution Activities

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Science Technology Education

Toshiba Science Museum: Where You Can Experience the Joy of Science and Technology

In January 2014, the Toshiba Science Museum was reopened near JR Kawasaki Station as a location for the support of science-technology education, a linchpin in Toshiba's social action programs. It is used for a multitude of purposes, such as social studies field trips, school trips, corporate training, international exchanges, and sightseeing. It is a facility where people of all generations can have fun while learning about science and technology through extensive hands-on programs and exhibitions consisting of 3 concepts: past, present, and future.

Science show is held every day at the stage
Science show is held every day at the stage

Toshiba Science Museum

Science and Technology Competition for Children in the U.S. and Canada

Since 1992, Toshiba Group has worked with the National Science Teachers Association to host the ExploraVision Awards (EVA), a science and technology competition for k-1 to k-12 students in the United States and Canada.

EVA is a competition aiming to encourage dreams in which children make predictions about technologies that they believe will become feasible within 20 years based on today's science and technology. The program celebrated its 25th anniversary in June 2017, commemorating its long history as a Japanese company's science education support program in North America. The number of participant totals about 388,000 in the past. In FY2017 applications from 15,243 children and 4,939 teams have been filed.

2017 Prizewinners

  • GRADES K1-3 (Kindergarten to 3rd year elementary school)
    Float Tees:Bayville Intermediate - Bayville, NY
  • GRADES K4-6 (4th to 6th year elementary school students)
    RCBs (Robotic Cleaning Bivalves):Bayville Intermediate - Bayville, NY
  • GRADES K7-9 (1st to 3rd year junior high school)
    BioKT: The Wearable Kinetic and Thermoelectric Energy Harvester : Next Generation School - Champaign, IL
  • GRADES K10-12 (1st to 3rd year high school)
    qSafe: Power Cell of the Future : School: West Salem High School - Salem, OR

The past EVA winners from New York on a Satellite Media Tour with Mr. Leland Melvin, a STEM advocate, an author, and a former NSTA astronaut.
The past EVA winners from New York on a Satellite Media Tour with Mr. Leland Melvin, a STEM advocate, an author, and a former NSTA astronaut.

ExploraVision Awards (EVA)

Teaching Competition in China

Seeking to contribute to the future development of scientific and technical human resources in China, in 2008 we established the Contest of Math and Science Teaching Program for the Normal University Students in China in cooperation with China's Ministry of Education.

This is a contest for students of Chinese teacher training universities.

Winners and their instructors are invited to Japan for the opportunities to have experience of Japanese science, technology and culture, and exchange with teachers and students of Japanese teacher training university.

In FY2016, approximately 12,000 students from 45 Normal Universities throughout China participated.

Mr. Lv Tianxi of Tianjin Normal University (right) received the Toshiba Innovation Award.
Mr. Lv Tianxi of Tianjin Normal University (right) received the Toshiba Innovation Award.

Environmental Education Program for Children

In 2017, we launched an environment education program for elementary school children in collaboration with the Association of Corporation and Education and held it at 11 different venues. In addition to Toshiba Science Museum, we also visit elementary schools in areas around Tokyo to provide on-site classes. Titled "Where Does Electricity Come From? - The World Beyond the Power Outlet", the first installment of the program uses energy as a theme to enable children to learn about the mechanism of power generation through experiments as well as to think about environmental issues and the future of energy. The second installment entitled “ Mysterious material which controls electricity ? Learning the Use of Energy through the discovery and the utilization of semiconductors” teaches children what semiconductors are and the development history of electrical appliances through an educational material which includes a workshop where children create an original electrical circuit.

Observing the LSI production process
Observing the LSI production process

Environmental education program for children


Toshiba Group awards scholarships to students and laboratories in different countries to help support development of a new generation.

Furthermore Toshiba factories are receptive to local requests for tours, and some even accept internships of a few weeks.

Toshiba granted 100,000 yen every month to 230 university students in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures, which were hit hard by the Great East Japan Earthquake, until graduation.
In Vietnam, we have given a total of around 3 million yen every year since 2005 in subsidies to around 30 students at the Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City campuses of Vietnam National University. We also run a software research center jointly with these universities. Some 175 graduates of the universities have entered Toshiba Software Development (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. up until 2017 and 111students continue to work there.
Toshiba Information Equipment (Philippines), Inc. provides education at university or vocational educational institute to economically disadvantaged high school students. Since establishing the scholarship system in 2008, Toshiba has supported 90 students, 56 of whom are now employed with the Company.

Factory Tours and Internship

At the request of local communities, Toshiba product operations throughout the facility tours , on-the-job training programs and internship programs.

  • Toshiba Yokohama Complex:Each year, we invite fifth-graders from Yokohama City Sugita Elementary School to the Yokohama Complex for a tour of the biotope and recycling center inside the complex.
  • Toshiba Himeji Semiconductor Plant:To participate in "Try-yaru Week," a community hands-on learning program that has been conducted by the Hyogo Prefecture Board of Education, We accept second-year junior high school students for one week to enable them to experience light work.
  • Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation:We accept technical college seniors. At the Field Services Training Center, the students receive training for five days in installing/adjusting elevators and in planning and designing products.
  • Toshiba Carrier Corporation:At Fuji Plant, we hold a two-day community hands-on learning program for junior high school students from Fuji City.
  • Toshiba Environmental Solutions Corporation:We accept a variety of visitors, including students and municipality officials, to show how home electrical appliances and computers are recycled.
[Image] Try-yaru Week,
"Try-yaru Week,"
[Image] Training in adjusting elevators.
Training in adjusting elevators

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Protection of the Natural Environment

Conservation of Biodiversity

Toshiba Group is conducting biodiversity preservation activities at around 70 locations worldwide to contribute to the achievement of Aichi Targets, a shared global goal. The Oita Operations of Japan Semiconductor Corporation breeds marsh snails using on-site wastewater as feed for fireflies living upstream in the Kitahana River and releases them downstream. Some 881 employees also picked up rubbish around the site and along the river. Once it was confirmed that the fireflies were inhabiting the area, a gathering was held to enjoy watching the fireflies for employees and local residents at the end of May 2018.

Appreciating fireflies with local children
Appreciating fireflies with local children

Conservation of Biodiversity

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Social Welfare

Sending doctors and dentists to areas around the Toshiba factory in the Philippines

Toshiba Information Equipment (Philippines), Inc. has been providing medical and dental examination services to promote and improve the physical well-being of intended beneficiaries in the nearby community twice a year since 2006.

In February 2018, the company dispatched a team of 66 people consisting of doctors, dentists, nurses, and many employee volunteers to De La Paz, Binan where they gave medical exams, extracted teeth and provided medicine free of charge to 330 local residents.

A mother having a medical consultation of her baby
A mother having a medical consultation of her baby

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International Exchanges with Friendship, and Promotion of Sports and Culture

International exchange program for high school students from Japan and the ASEAN countries

Since FY2014, the Toshiba International Foundation (TIFO) has been holding Toshiba Youth Club Asia (TYCA), an international exchange program for high school students from Japan and the ASEAN countries.

The theme for FY2017 was "Asian Vision 2040," and the program was held over eight days in December. A total of nine high school students from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia, and six Japanese high school students, listened to lectures by experts, went on field trips, and held group discussions about what they themselves can do in the future by the framework of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and then they presented their own vision.

Through TYCA, TIFO will go on providing opportunities to high school students from Japan and ASEAN countries, who have diverse cultures and values, to discuss the future of Asia, bearing in mind social issues.

Sharing a preparatory assignment with everyone
Sharing a preparatory assignment with everyone

Promoting Sports

Toshiba promotes sports not only to help children to grow up healthy but also to inspire and encourage everyone through the impressive performances of top athletes.

Amateur sports teams of Toshiba employees play an active role in making a difference in society.

Toshiba baseball team: Brave Areus (In Japanese)

Toshiba rugby team: Brave Lupus (In Japanese)

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Disaster Relief

As a company that conducts business worldwide, Toshiba Group wishes to contribute to restoring areas affected by natural disasters. To that end, we review what is most appropriate in consideration of local characteristics and damage situations, and donate money, provide our company products, and collaborate with NGOs. In addition, employees also engage in fund raising and volunteer activities.

In FY2017, we provided support to areas affected by heavy rainfall in the northern Kyushu that occurred in Japan in July and areas affected by hurricane that occurred in the USA in September.

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