Message from the Executive in Charge of CSR

Toshiba Group contributes to realization of a sustainable society through CSR management. Masayasu Toyohara Executive Officer Corporate Executive Vice President

We greatly appreciate your continued interest in Toshiba Group’s management, and thank you very much for the various opinions and suggestions that you so kindly send to us.

In July this year, drawing on the DNA that dates back to Toshiba’s establishment, we introduced the “Essence of Toshiba” as a guide for all members of the Group.

The cornerstone text of this new statement is that Toshiba Group’s management philosophy is "Committed to People, Committed to the Future". Selecting these phrases, long familiar to our employees around the world as the group slogan, underlines Toshiba Group’s timeless convictions, and determination to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

"Committed to People", we contribute to solving social issues without leaving anyone behind; and "Committed to the Future" points to how we actively address global environmental issues, including the response to climate change. Overall, this offers a clear expression of the intentions of Toshiba Group.

We firmly believe that these intentions are consistent with the goals of the SDGs, initiatives currently being promoted by the UN.

Grounded in the Essence of Toshiba, and by practicing CSR management across the Group's business domains, we aim to use reliable technologies to create rich value, to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, and to improve corporate value.

Further to this, Toshiba Group identified three CSR material issues that we think are important and that we must address in our activities: respect for human rights, promotion of ethical supply chain management, and environmental management.

Respect for human rights
"Human Rights" is the very first entry in the “Standards of Conduct for Toshiba Group”, and it firmly declares that we carry out all corporate activities with consideration and respect for human rights. Further to this, we recognize that a thorough respect for human rights is crucial not only for Toshiba Group but throughout the supply chain. We stipulate consideration for human rights in our procurement policy and also ask our business partners to comply.
Promotion of supply chain management
Toshiba is a member of the Responsible Business Alliance* (RBA), and we fulfill our supply chain responsibilities in respect of labor, health and safety, the environment and ethics by promoting measures in line with the RBA's Code of Conduct. We also ask our business partners to comply with the RBA Code of Conduct, and we implement risk assessments and request improvements to the high-risk business partners.
* An organization established in the US to promote CSR in the supply chain
Environmental management
From the processes for creating products and services, all the way through to use by the consumer and final disposal, we recognize the need to implement environmental measures in the value chain. This conviction was made even firmer by the conclusion of the Paris Agreement in 2015; we recognize that measures to counter climate change are an urgent matter, and we put our priority on this.

Going forward, we will continue to work to resolve issues and to improve our CSR management, with an emphasis on ESG, while taking into account requests from all of our stakeholders and changes in social trends.

The essence of CSR management lies in contributing to the realization of a sustainable society through our business activities. Towards, it is necessary for all of our employees to have a solid awareness of CSR, and to constantly reinforce that understanding.

At Toshiba Group, we share and confirm awareness of CSR management with one another by designating December as CSR month. During the course of the month we hold a series of events, among them the CSR conference, where executives and employees participate, and volunteer activities.

All of our employees have different responsibilities, but every employee, through their own work and in their respective positions, practices CSR activities and is contributing to the realization of a new Toshiba. As we move ahead, we look forward to continuing to promote a dialogue with our stakeholders that builds trust and a fuller understanding of our corporate activities. We hope to be able to rely on your continued good will and support.

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