CSR Reporting Policy

Our effort to report on the priority issues for our stakeholders and those for Toshiba Group

In editing the CSR Report, we take into consideration the issues material for both our stakeholders as well as the Group.

CSR Report 2017 has the following three points:

  1. Reporting top commitment from executive officer in charge of CSR to engage in CSR management of Toshiba Group.
  2. Reporting continuous effort toward CSR materialities
  3. Disclosing ESG Performance categorized into ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and enhancing the contents

Organizations covered in this report

In principle, Toshiba Group (Toshiba Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries in Japan and overseas) are covered in this report, but individual entities are indicated in cases where information does not pertain to Toshiba Group.

  • Note: "Toshiba" in this report refers to Toshiba Corporation. "Toshiba Group in Japan" refers to Toshiba corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries in Japan. "Toshiba Group overseas" refers to consolidated subsidiaries overseas.

Reporting period

This report focuses on the results of activities in FY2017 (from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018).

It also includes some activities continuing from the past as well as more recent ones.

Significant Change during the Reporting Period

  • The in-house companies were splited off into wholly-owned subsidaries.
  • Toshiba saled the shares of Landis+Gyr Group AG.
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange and Nagoya Stock Exchange cancelled their designations of the Toshiba's stock as Securities on Alert and Securities Under Supervision (Examination).
  • Financing transaction


Current issue: December 2018 (previous issue: March 2018)

Reference Guidelines

  • GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Sustainability Reporting Standard
    This report references the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards 2016.
  • United Nations Global Compact [COP(Communication on Progress) Advanced level]
  • Environmental Reporting Guidelines 2012/2018, Ministry of the Environment of Japan
  • Environmental Accounting Guidelines 2005, Ministry of the Environment of Japan
  • ISO 26000

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